We live under a neo dynamic magnet
Which repels magnetic force
And creates our dome

The dome is also called the firmament
It is an immense shield or bubble barrier
An alien canopy of hydrogen plasma

Bacchus is the god of wine and drunken revelry
Bacchus was the alter ego of the usually motionless Saturn in the former era

When plasma energy infused the heavens
The sky turned red and the planets who had gathered in the north
Became active and seemed to dance

The canopy became a red shield
Rothschild means red shield

We are like Sponge Bob living under the sea
When the plasmasphere breaks and sky falls
Water from the other side will come rushing in

That is why we have dried up lakes and inland seas

The Great Flood is a plasma flood
But also brings in copious amounts of water

Ziostradra like Noah built an ark
Because the Father God Saturn wanted to eliminate sinful humans

The ark was the cosmic bridge of positive and negative magnetic columns
That came together to form the Axis Mundi

Celestial honey or manna is plasma
Zeus sent a thunderbolt at others who were trying to steal it

As different orbs drifted to the magnetic north pole in times of energy flux
Electrical discharges were exchanged because of the charge differential

The magnetic north pole turns into the magnetic mountain
It is why compasses point to the north

Armageddon means the Mountain of Invasion
It is a mystical mountain with magical forests and shadowy creatures

Above it is a Cave of Wonders
It is the Sepulchral of Chronos or the Tomb of Zeus
It is the origin for the idea of the burial chamber of Jesus
Jesus is a synonym for Zeus who is Mars

When Venus became energized
She sent out electrical streamers and became the Medusa

The Disney celebration ends 3 31 23
The fun and excitement there is a front for Luciferian activity

Maybe they know when their party is over
And when the positive energy will overrun the negative!