On October 25 there is supposed to be a blinding flash
In the Constellation Scorpio
From the explosion of Comet Leonard

On the same day as the neighboring Ophiuchus and Libra constellations look on
There will be a solar eclipse in Virgo

3 days of darkness will ensue
Signaling the beginning of the apocalypse

As meteors approach the earth
Volcanoes will erupt

The Kilauea volcano on the big island in Hawaii will go off on November 1
Kilauea means kill a way ya
And it will be especially powerful

As ashes fall from the volcano
A tsunami will hit the west coast

There will be big earthquakes along the San Andreas fault
The Golden Gate Bridge will collapse
As will the Hoover Dam

November 1 is the Mexican Day of the Dead

On November 8 when Mars moves from Taurus to Gemini
There will be a lunar eclipse in Libra
Making what is called a full beaver blood moon

At the same time the main fragment of Comet Leonard will hit in the Atlantic Ocean
The La Cumbre Vieja volcano in the Canary Islands will erupt
And a tsunami will hit the east coast

A massive earthquake will hit the New Madrid fault
Which runs approximately along the Mississippi River
And the USA will become the Disunited States of America

That is what is planned
Whether or not it will happen that way remains to be seen

The White Rabbit must be followed all the way down the hole
To solve the riddle

The enemy is illusory but the damage is real
Holograms will change the world

Technology which is being hidden from the public
Will make all this possible

The masses will believe it is the wrath of God
Or that it is the way the universe occasionally operates

It is easy to deceive those whose life
Is a complete self deception!