In the previous epoch the focus was on the kingdom of Saturn
Located in the north circumpolar heavens

The Egyptian Coffin Texts state
The great god lives fixed in the middle of the sky dwelling in the city

Saturn was the dominant sun due to its close proximity
The sun of today was in an orbit in the far reaches of our realm

A celestial night was when Saturn would be at its brightest
This was the primordial day

Lightening and thunder accompanied the daily appearance of the Saturnian sun

Sumerian texts state
As my king the sun god comes forth the heavens tremble before him
And Utu thunders over the Mountain of Mauna like a star

The mountain was the celestial twin peaks or the gates of heaven
Also the horns of the Bull of Heaven

The horns of Venus is also the crescent or ark
Which resembled a goat or the Baphomet

In the Exaltation of Innana
Venus is the Torch of Heaven which was adorned by Sin who was Mars
That brought out the divine nature of Utu who was Saturn

The passage of time was determined by the observation of Saturn
In relation to the circumpolar stars

The reason why a circle is imparted with 360 degrees
Is that it took 360 illuminations and subsequent eventides of Saturn
For the circumpolar stars to return to their place

Saturn is Chronos or Kronos which means time

Saturns birthdate of December 23 is when Saturn flared up again
After the age of darkness

Mars birthday was December 25
And after a period of time the festival of Saturnalia
Was celebrated on the 25th
Because Mars became the most luminous and active of the gods of Olympus

Even though these planets changed their location and appearance
Our current sun which was the cause of Saturns illuminations
Was the reason behind the illuminations of Saturn and thus the 360 day year

When the magnetic field changed and the sun drifted toward the north polar axis
The days of the year changed also
January and February were added

Saturn was the 8 spoked wheel of heaven
Which later became 6 and 5
The Star of David and the Pentagram

At times it would form vortexes
These are the wheels of the chariot in Ezekials vision
And the basis for the Metatron

Our universe is a torus of electromagnetic energy!