On October 25 near the arm Scorpio
As the neighboring Soutern Cross and Bird of Paradise Constellations look on
Virgo will be pregnant with Mercury
And Venus will also be close to the solar eclipse

Virgo then will give birth to Mercury
Which is supposed to be the Antichrist

The Superman movies are social engineering
To give people mind control programming
That a superhero will come and save the world

Events such as the War of the Worlds radio broadcast in 1938
Where Martians in cylinder object attack using a heat ray

The Alien Interview in 1997
The Dome of the Rock incident in 2011
The Fort Worth Army and National Guard UFO invasion also in 2011
And numerous Hollywood movies
Have prepared our minds for what is to come

Just like the soft disclosure of reptilians
Starting with the V TV series in the 1983
Has opened us up to that possibility

Since people cannot live without faith
They will believe in anything

Drones can be sent out that produce holograms
Of spaceships shooting at people

The masses then will be more than willing to bend a knee
To the coming superman who will save us from Project Bluebeam technology
That sends out holograms which uses the ionized atmosphere as a movie screen

The Antichrist will be a reptilian in an attractive human body suit
Saying that he is the Messiah

Their technology is far above ours
And they wear metallic belts that have frequency altering capability
That allows them to appear and disappear and do amazing feats

Their low density 5th dimension half biological half technological Grays can do the same thing

The Illuminati and Freemasons have rituals
Where they repeat the motions of the planets and stars

Their religion is based on the former sky in the previous age
As are the religions of the common people

They know how energy can be manipulated
Reptilians are planning their takeover
Using the belief systems of the world

Hollywood is an extension of the Illuminati
And music videos show their operations

In the video of the song Black Hole Sun by Soundgarden
They hold up a sign saying The End is Nigh

If the signs in the heavens are not there
Then their plans have changed or at least have been postponed

But if the fake Comet Leonard is said to have crashed into an asteroid
In the Jupiter asteroid belt

And the sun simulator creates 3 days of darkness
Know that their plans are going forward!