The sun simulator is a spinning cathode ray tube
That funnels the suns rays into a lens array mirror

It takes away the life giving energy of the sun
And gives us a bright white light that burns hotter

One can see it for themselves
Just take a picture of the sun
And upload it on foto forensics

It was first patented in April of 1966
And is part of geoengineering
Along with stratospheric aerosol spraying

Also cloud thinning and cloud brightening with silver dioxide
To limit the amount of rainfall

Rivers are drying up
The Mississippi River now has limited transportation
It is so low it can only support one way traffic

The sun simulator will also create the 3 days of darkness
And the fake solar and lunar eclipses

The solar eclipse is planned for October 25
Along with a blood moon
To be harbingers of events to come

Underground military installations such as Raven Rock in Colorado
Which has 27 levels and goes down for miles
Are fitted with vast gardens

They have connecting transportation systems
That go in excess of Mach 1

Many have submarines that serve as cargo ships
That connect to the ocean

The underground bases have labs which are creating clones

The Chinese military all look alike
It is because they are all clones

High level military personnel along with Congress the CDC FDA and pharmaceutical companies
Are all exempt from taking the magic vaccine potion

Graphene oxide found in the jab
Is now in Nestle bottled water

Stanley Kubrick was given the ability to make any movies he wanted
As long as he did not talk about the fake moon landings
Which he produced

The public is still being programmed

Do not be fearful
Just be mindful!