Revelations 9:3 says the Pit will be opened
And the Fallen Ones will be unleashed

They will have wings and tails like scorpions which sting
They will be like locusts upon the earth and will torment humans

The Pit was the celestial underworld in the former era
And the Fallen Ones were orbs that descended into the lower darkness

Prophesy is being fulfilled by the ones who wrote it
Entities consisting of black matter are being summoned into our world
Beings who are not aligned to our desires

They are being let in through portals created by electromagnetic energy
And sustained by matching frequencies created by the lunar wave
Which is an energy transmutation system

The moon is actually a six sided sharp edged object
With grid patterns of mechanical bars or trussing
It has perfect shaped blocks of different rectangular sizes

It sends out scalar waves of electromagnetic pulses which create vortexes
Entities are pouring in and are sustained by plasma
The clouds that we now have are ionized and thus plasma

Humans see less than 1 percent of the visible light spectrum
And so we are easily deceived

The unseen world is a machine world
That has been built around us

In the movie They Live
Rowdy Roddy Piper blows up the artificial beaming frequencies
And the people are able to see reality

As we enter the continuum of the higher octave harmonics
This reality bubble will burst

The ritual participants will descend into bizarre states of erratic behavior
They will self destruct into insanity as the controlling hierarchal systems are taken down

It will be shocking to see the truth of their parasitic nature
And to know they are the ones which we have been following

No longer will their loosh mechanisms harvest soul energy
And the fake news fake science and fake history
Will come to an end!