In Greece near the Gulf of Corinth
On the slopes of Mount Parnassus
Is a religious shrine known as the Sanctuary of Apollo

Inside the sanctuary is the legendary Oracle of Delphi
Where the priestesses of Apollo prophesized

A priestess would enter a small chamber
And take a seat on a tripod

She would inhale sweet smelling vapors
That would induce a trance like state
From which it was believed she could communicate with the gods

An egg shaped Omphalos Stone was place over the gaseous fumes
Omphalos means the Om sound of the reverberating phallus of Apollo
Which was the same as the mountain of the gods or central polar axis

The sweet smelling vapors that got the priestesses high
And gave them the gift of prophesy
Was fumes of plasma leaking out from inner earth ley lines

The plasma is the Holy Spirit
Which gave the Apostles the gift of prophesying
Who thought they were uttering the words of Elohim

No planetary god ever showed up and delivered an oracle
It was the divine essence of the electrical universe that sparked the consciousness

Plasma is named so because it shares life like qualities with blood plasma
It is an intense interaction of electro matter

When the auroral vortex increases in intensity
Plasma streams will emerge and seek to be grounded into a lower energy state

It will find human hosts whom it seeks to marry
This is the early Christians believing they are the bride of Christ

Mars as it wondered down and away from the universal axis
Became the Beast seeking to attach itself to everyone

If the body is capable of holding the electric charge
The plasma will create a new being with a renewed charge potential

The qualifications for a Delphi priestess
Would be that she is optimistic with a favorable disposition and a heart orientation
In other words able to hold a positive charge

The surging of plasma at end of era apocryphal events
Will restructure the brain and mind wipe memory
It can reanimate the dead and even bring machines to life

Plasma is the Indic prana
The influx of will be a blessing or a curse
Depending on your vibrational state!