The mythological Hydra was a serpent who battled Hercules
When one head was cut off two would grow in its place

The hydra vulgaris is made from stem cells that recreate
Combined with jelly fish DNA

It is the black goo or graphene oxide in the shots
It is how google or goo gel got its name

It has razor sharp tentacles which cut up blood vessels
Over 800 pro athletes have collapsed after getting vaccinated
Because they are bleeding internally

No one is dying from a pandemic of viruses that cannot exist outside the body
The germ theory is fake

It is from the shots
Cemetaries are full of buried bodies giving off a Bluetooth signal

A smartphone will now emit chirps when it nears an unvaccinated person
Who does not give off a Bluetooth signal

They will automatically be designated as a potential carrier

When a vaxxed person gets sick
They will be made to reveal all the times their phone chirped
Your so called friend or family member will turn you in

They will think you do not care about others
Or else you would be vaxxed

This will turn into a witch hunt
Called contact tracing

Alexa is a surveillance system which listens to you
And sends what you say to an encrypted network

If you are accused you will soon be forced to have a temperature check
If you have a high temperature you will be forced into a quarantine camp

FEMA has gutted 154 Wal Marts and they are ready for occupation
Wal Mart is a code name for martial law

The deep state is a cult run by degenerative reptilians
Who use our energy to carry out their agenda

Which is a non human system!