During blood drinking ceremonies
The participants wear robes
Because they are going to shapeshift

Shapeshifting is a metamorphosis of the displayed form
A reversion back to resonance of the reptilian
That is in possession of the human body

Anger and agitation also contribute to shapeshifting
As well as an electrically charged locality

Anyone who steers public opinion will be cloned
And that clone will have a reptilian entity

In the former sky
Electrical currents created serpent like formations

In the Old Testament there is the brazen serpent image in the wilderness

There is also the caduceus or the staff of Moses
And the serpent of paradise on the tree of life
Which was in reality the winding of current up the celestial axis
Also called the stairway to heaven or backbone of the sky

When reptilian beings appeared to a serpent worshipping tribe
They were thought of as incarnations of the great serpent

Precious jewels and gems later made into jewelry
Were traded for stolen human babies

This tribe gradually became the elite of the human civilization
And ties to the reptilian baby eaters were solidified

Carnivorous mannerisms spread to the consumption of animals
As reptilian DNA were introduced into the human genetic make up

Human and animal sacrifices disguised as sacrifices to a loving god
Were actually the feeding of reptilian beings

Blood was drained down a cistern below an omphalos
That represented the Axis Mundi or navel of the world

This was done at the Oracle at Delphi
The soothsayer priests were called the Pytho which means serpents
It is where the word python comes from

The underground reptilians are in subjection to the Dracos
But both like to eat young humans

Now that they go about in human form
They think that they are the best of both worlds
But that is not true

They represent the worst in humanity
The best of humanity is heart centered

They should take human DNA and insert it into themselves
Not the other around!