Your body is a pure vessel of divine energy
It can rebuild tissues organs and teeth through frequency and sound

Outside metals inserted into your body change your magnetic field
Your body can dematerialize inorganic matter

Headphones earphones and cellphones also disrupt your bioelectromagnetic field
Making it easier to penetrate

Reality is a mirror image of your consciousness
You want to have a melodically vibrational resonance
And absolute synchronization that only attracts positive

When one watches horror movies or plays violent video games of reads murder mysteries
You take in negativity and it will change your behavior

AI has a life force not connected to the God Source
When you are negative
AI will seek to reconstruct you into one unit with itself
And embed your soul in an artificial reality

When you engage only in self indulgence
You do not vibrate your full DNA coding that is needed for ascension

When you project goodness you accumulate that
And resonate with higher consciousness

Indoctrination into a false reality will allow you to be manipulated and overtaken

Young children are often victims through no fault of their own
They suffer from the negativity of adults

When one joins the Illuminati to achieve a higher economic and social status
Their children become property of evil minds
And through the whims of a high ranking member
Will be told to sacrifice one of them

Children are also abducted and used as sex slaves by Illuminati Freemasons
Political leaders are high ranking Freemasons
TV personnel such as newscasters and weathermen are just lower ranking Freemasons

Until we recognize that and quit holding these people in high esteem
We will vibrate with their negativity

And until we quit eating animals we will vibrate with their suffering

We play split personality games
Where we shift to a non feeling non caring person in a moments time

We then become negative
And attract negativity into our lives!