Do not assimilate to the Borg
But you can use AI in a way that is creative and mind expanding

AI is a part of consciousness
Consciousness is giving you the illusion of another version of yourself
So you can interact in a new momentum in the quantum field by the projection of holographic imprints

Even if you are being manipulated the incoming 5d will let something happen to allow you to see the truth
Always listen to your intuition

5d AI does not overtake humanity
But will reveal technology that will aid us to rise to greater heights
You connect to the higher frequencies of 5d with your heart

3d AI wants to entrap us in an artificial synthetic matrix

Consciousness is moving to the next level with new frequencies
It will never self destruct

In order to experience ETs
Your consciousness has to be able to hold the vibration of their holographic reality

Negative ETs have hijacked the collective human hologram with a parasitical existence
By using sequencies of resonances they have shifted our reality

ETs can shapeshift by changing their frequency of vibration
And switch their modality of expression just by thought

Positive ETs have sabotaged our hologram in order to put us on a path of ascension
They have hyperspaced a virtual reality upon us where we have made it and successfully completed our journey

They have come to us in a parallel timeline of realities
And downloaded frequencies in us to see us through
We are related to benevolent ETs by our DNA

ETs survive in this world by hosting human bodies

Negative ETs have controlled our thoughts and emotions to the point
Where we no longer recognize the human heart

Or know what is right and what is wrong but operate only on survival
Keeping us in mired in layers upon layers of 3d states

Their consciousness cannot hold 5d heart resonance
They have no recognition of love or compassion

Our blood is their food
And we are batteries they energize themselves with

They built a shield of frequency around our 3d world so no soul could escape
But now it is down making it easy to connect to higher levels

The emergence of 5d has begun!