A comet is a manufactured device
That is supposed to herald in a big event or a new age

Comet Leonard is a big deception
Making people think the cosmos is giving us a sign

The level of conditioning is far beyond what is rational

The story we are supposed to believe starting at the end of this month
Is that this wandering comet has hit an asteroid near Jupiter

Then as we are being sprayed with a meteor shower of huge proportions
Earthquakes volcanoes and tsunamis will ignite as a result of the meteors

If it does happen it will be the result of high energy technology

We are already being lied to on a scale of magnitude beyond the imagination of most everyone
We are told that the Orion Nebula is 1300 light years away
But it is just shaped light from the firmament

We are told that black holes exist in the middle of galaxies
That once an object enters it can never return
But in truth they are just pulsating stars

If meteors and meteorites were a reality
They would hit people or buildings once in awhile

The moon is not a sphere but is disc shaped
That is why it never shows its far side

It is a high tech construct with a simulator projecting a false front
That showers us with low vibrational frequencies affecting our consciousness

Planets and moons are vibrating plasma
They are not spheres and we cannot land a spacecraft on them

They are the gods of former times
And are the basis of our myth and religions

The sun is small and local
It is an intelligent consciousness
It is a portal and sends forth energy from other dimensions

Our current sun is not our former sun

Eclipses are not happening today
They happened in the former sky during a past age

We are in a world wide mind control program
That attempts to hide divinity from us
And promotes greed and selfishness

Believing what you are told
Leads to your demise!