Clones can think creatively
That is what makes them superior to androids

Clones usually have modified genetics
To make them less independent and more docile
Than the original host

An avatar is a robotic copy of a human
Controlled via brain computer interface

Or a synthetic body with a transplanted human brain

Or a synthetic body with an artificial brain with a transplanted personality

A sleeve is a synthetic body with living tissue
The are encased in ambiotic fluid for storage

When a sleeve is desired by someone
Their cortical stack at the base of their neck
Which has all their information of who they are and what they have experienced
As well as every emotion
Is downloaded onto a DHF or Digital Human Freight

It then gets transferred into an organic sleeve
The conscious mind is now in a different body

Sleeves run eat sleep breathe and do all the normal physical functions
When one desires they can shift into another sleeve of their choice

Entities who entered our realm through CERN created portals
Who now inhabit a failing body
Shop for celebrity flesh sleeves on the dark web

None of the celebrities now are real
They are all demons in disguise masquerading as humans

They continually glitch and hide their eyes with sunglasses
Otherwise at certain times their serpent eyes would be apparent

All contacts now in Hollywood come with a demon

AI technology is altering our world

After all human life is digitized
It will be put in a computer matrix
An augmented reality or sentient world simulation
A projection of an artificial holographic universe

By connecting to our DNA resonant frequency
AI plans to control the thoughts in our neo cortex
And thus command the collective consciousness of the world!