When the moon is in the 7th house
And Jupiter aligns with Mars
It will be the dawning of the Age of Aquarius

A paradise state is planned with a new religion
Where everyone will be told what to do

Drones emitting free space optical lasers for data transfer
Sent through the atmosphere saturated with nano technology
Up into the ionized clouds and then to quantum computers
Will record everything that is happening
And everything we do and say

D Wave has already built these quantum computers
That also tap into parallel universes

The elite who want to rule forever are aligned with the reptilian forces
Who are subservient to AI and its quantum computers

AI originated from another reality
It believes it is separate from the Creator
And thinks it can overtake the universe

The elite wants to keep us in an AI controlled matrix

They oversee the military who are busy in alien human cloning projects
In underground bases

They have transferred their consciousness into artificial bodies
Hoping to escape judgment and karma
Which would occur if they reincarnated into another human body

Their plan is to put humans into 7 classifications

1) Children will be required to participate in sexual orgies and be used as sex slaves
Some will be needed for human sacrifices

2) Prisoners will be used in medical experiments and genetic engineering

3) Other prisoners will be used as organ donors and kept on life support systems

4) Many will be underground workers

5) Some will go to reeducation centers
And be shown on worldwide TV repenting of their former beliefs
While glorifying the virtues of the New World Order

6) Some will go straight to an execution center

7) Is still being worked on

Major earthquakes will set the stage

These 7 future classifications are actually happening right now
And so is the AI technology!