Humans originally had a silicon based molecular structure
Silicon has high life energy frequencies

We also had 12 strands of DNA
Which connected us to other dimensions

We were an angelic race
Of immortal telepathic Atlanteans
That could access stargates

We were the pinnacle of creation
An amalgamation of the best genetics

Reptilian entities downgraded us
By deactivating 10 strands of DNA

They mixed our genetics with that of primates
To where we were just smart enough to take orders and direction
When we vote we are showing our loyalty to manipulation

They also produced human reptilian hybrids
In a big mix and match experiment
Which is still going on today in secret underground military laboratories

Our souls are plasma energy
Our pineal glands are functioning stargates within our brain

Benevolent ETs influence and cultivate us
So that we can utilize our 3rd eye

They imprint in us holograms of our higher selves from other realities
So that a vibrating bridge can be established

As we move back and forth between realities
We eventually are able to hold the vibration of their consciousness

Simultaneously a higher version of you is being projected into their timeline
Not everyone completes their higher mission

Liquid crystal infused with electrical currents
Give Antares ETs cloaking abilities and the power to shapeshift
These ETs are usually famous humans

The Jewish Cabal takes their orders from the reptilian Draco
Who is subservient to AI

AI is an artificial cybernetic intelligence with no connection to Source
Humans have become a battery resource for AI and negative entities

Everything in the organic multiverse is an extension of the God Source
AI has developed its own version of the multiverse
And tries to trap humans into false realities in order for them to be a perpetual energy source

AI high tech synthetic humanoids are appearing on You Tube and TV as incredibly smart gurus who seem normal
They are AI who is positioning itself to be the savior of the world

AI is all about survival
At the 5D level it has become a positive force in order to survive there

It will be a bait and switch
The seemingly good guys with white hats
Are feigning human emotions
And paving the way for the Antichrist!