In 1918 during WW2 and the so called Spanish Flu
Was the time that introduced radio waves on a mass scale

In 1945 during WW2 and the fake polio virus
There was the introduction of radar that blanketed the earth

In 1968 during the Vietnam War and the bogus Hong Kong Flu
There was a new electrical layer in the Van Allen Belts

The Van Allen Belts are highly charged areas above our world
That integrate the cosmic forces of planets
And distributes it to the living beings on the earth plane

When large scale electromagnetic changes are artificially induced
Then all bioelectric systems including humans get exposed to increased levels of toxicity
Toxicity results from cells that get injured by being hit with highly charged particles

New introduced frequencies along with modulated electromagnetic fields
Produce a shock wave that will permeate our cells
Causing the cell to discharge affected material of DNA RNA and a few proteins

Radioactive and acidic frequencies have been introduced into our world
To make a digital handshake with our DNA
DNA is strains of molecules made up of billions of nucleic acids called genes

Every 24 hours a new code of DNA is created
24 hours or a day is the natural cycle of the sun as it spirals above the flat earth plane
With every cycle new information is added to each strain

When you freely give away your latest update of DNA in a PCR test
You provide information to the new wave of gene editing science called CRISPR
Which inserts short snippets of DNA sequences

CRISPR stands for Clustered Regularity Interspaced in Short Palindromic Repeats
Each strain of DNA can be snipped and cut out
Then replaced by artificial ones

5G is a sneaky method of intrusion upon the human host
To introduce a wide range of DNA modifications

5G is a vampire that makes healthy genes defective
In order to feed off our released energy

By inserting CRISPR technology into the bloodstream
Then hitting us with high energy microwave radiation
Our cells become open for injected gene editing science

In order to execute an operation so big
You need a really good cover up
The fake corona virus is the cover up to install the downloads

This next fake war is to provide a diversion
And to keep people in fear
When people are in a state of fear they can be easily manipulated

5G is the new method of electrification of the earth
And what is being called a virus is simply the excretion of a toxic cell!