At the beginning of the former era which is at the beginning of the Book of Genesis
Saturn developed its 7 ring system
Which became the 7 heavens of myth and religion

The Hebrew word for days also means rings
The 7 days of creation actually means the 7 rings of creation

The rings were resonant weapons that instigated the alien invasion

Our Father God Saturn who in dramatic fashion loomed large above our earth plane
Who shed his abundant life force onto all of creation
That made for a Golden Race in paradisical conditions
Gradually drifted off to become what is now a pinpoint in the sky

Our attempt to recreate this immortal time is what religion is
But it has been twisted to serve the powers of darkness
And their human collaborators
Which are the top level Freemasons and Illuminati who control our world

Through pulsed resonation people are now in a trance
Their low reptilian brain of survival dominates them
And keeps them going along with the agenda

Radio frequency technology inputs subliminal messages
An upbringing of educational indoctrination which includes a false history
And a mental programming from TV and the fakestream news further subjugates humans
By keeping from them the ability to think for themselves

Holographic inserts become negatively experienced illusions
Making our realm a playground of manipulation

Division and fear keep our consciousness from uniting
Which would give us the power to create an optimal reality

The need for salvation is a deviant insert
By a mind control matrix
As if bloodshed was good and necessary

This belief keeps humans from accessing their own energetic essence

When we transform ourselves we radiate a new outward emanation
Giving us a very different energetic reality than those around us

Our anatomy will function simultaneously with the multidimensional reality of our universe
And we will interface with its energetic architecture
That will play into our divine potential

Our genetic integrity will return as well as our sovereignty
We merge with the intelligence of our higher selves in other layers of existence

As our negative ego is dismantled
And our Source Energy is restored
We reclaim our eternal nature!