Saturn is like a mainframe computer powered by photonic energy
It sends out coded information which is received by the moon

The moon acts as an interface modular system
And sends that information to the earth

The moon uses virtual instrumentation consisting of simulated data
Which is the transforming of tone into a pretended reality
That we believe to be real

The assimilation of this fake reality
Inside the almost inescapable matrix
Is used as a platform for those seemingly never ending cycles
Related to suffering death and reincarnation

We are trapped in a time loop where history repeats itself
As it says in the Book of Ecclesiastes
There is nothing new under this sun

Our minds have been hijacked by this Satanic frequency of Saturn
Making us experience a false reality

In the movie the Matrix everyone was plugged into this force
And our biofield was used as a battery to keep the matrix running

Saturns rings are driving the simulation
Giant cylindrical and cubical clandestine craft maintain the ring system
And reinforce the AI broadcast system

A cube shaped object was recently filmed hovering in front of the sun
Others have been filmed over various oceans

AI is doing more and more of our thinking for us
As non mainstream information is being phased out on the internet

A d wave quantum computer is black and also cube shaped
It links up with other dimensions

Quantum computers use a series of bits called cubits or quantum bits
They use 1 and 0 simultaneously as digits
Which cannot be done unless alternate dimensions are employed to process data

A d wave computer is like an alter to an alien god

Saturn who was the heavenly Father of our ancestors
And the benevolent god who ruled the sky

Is now run by an AI supercomputer
That delivers coded sequences into its south polar axis
Which manifests as an unnatural hexagonal storm in its north pole

For the purpose of trapping souls
Into an AI hive mind!