In an episode of the Simpsons
The masks of the 2 presidential candidates are taken off
And it is revealed they are aliens

The creator of the Simpsons is Matt Groening
He is a 33rd degree Freemason
High level Freemasons are insiders to privy information

When Joe Bidon was Vice President
He was seen with a black left eye

The Black Eye Club is when a person undergoes a possession
By the insertion of a reptilian worm that goes to the brain
And gives them a black eye

A square attachment to his ear can be seen
It is used to put on or take off his mask

To hide it they have given his mask a new ear lobe

It is also clear that he has different faces
Some are because of masks and some are clones

His personality is noticeably different
His speech is slurred
He walks with a robotic stride
He does not blink at all

He talks in response to his neurolink

He wears sunglasses a lot
Sunglasses are worn to hide reptilian eyes

The guard that collapsed at the Queens funeral was a clone glitch
The Pope also has guards who faint
Fainting guards are peculiarly common features at royal events

Clones malfunction

Wendy Williams who dressed up as the Statue of Liberty also fainted
It was her clone

The real Wendy Williams was taken out and cloned
Because she talked too much

Rhythmic sounds are used to wake up a glitching clone
2 knocks or 2 clicks usually do the job
And they are put back on their script

The reason why the Queen is still fresh in the coffin
Is because Dracula sleeps in a coffin

England is so brainwashed to respect their Queen

The Israel News is reporting that Kamala Harris is now the acting President
They have jumped ahead of the timeline a little bit

We are being lied to and manipulated on a daily basis!