mRNA is the code that instructs cells
To build a particular protein

Toxic synthetic genetic material and animal genes such as King Cobra DNA
Are injected in the vaccinations
By imbedding them in adjuvant liquid with graphene sheets
Or else the body would attack them

It is said this revs up your immune system

What it does do is create misfolded proteins called prions
Which are referred to as spike proteins

They bind themselves to all cells
And to the mitochondria in the brain

The new bivalent booster shots called Nova Vax will be twice as strong
Producing a much greater reaction

Exosomes contain spike proteins and can be transferred to others

The injected mRNA will break apart easily
But fragments can still be transmitted to others
Unfragmented mRNA can be delivered to others through intimate sexual contact

Events are manifested by the control of energy

As part of the deep secrets of the Universe
Invisible frequencies exist in many dimensions

The ethereal cosmos sends forth rays of energy
Divine magic from beyond the mist and shadow of cloud and shade

To a world where all leaders are puppets in a big show
Who speak cordially with their mouths
But in their hearts they set traps!