The frequency of your consciousness creates sound waves
Which puts in the code of pulsation that constructs your hologram

In order to collapse and change your fractal timeline
Your expression has to be more potent than the previous

The plasma field is constantly moving
And responding to every input of your thoughts
Your emotions activate your hologram within the collective hologram

Just overtake one frequency with another
Because reality is simply a sound field
It is a vibration of resonance

We merge with frequencies that match ours
When you match the frequencies of ETs you can channel

As a spiral spins into the plasma of the quantum field
The torsion motion organizes itself by charge
The moment you put a momentum in the structure you will eventually see it

When you hold a frequency it becomes dense and changes to matter
Materialization in the structure
Is through the building blocks of your energy field

Imagine your desire and stay on that feeling for an extended duration
Then look for the manifestation
It will occur in a way you might not expect

Every torus is a portal
What we resonate through our vortex
Is what we type into the mega computer

As you train yourself to stay in the positive
And exhibit a higher expression of yourself
You will manifest faster

When you raise your vibration or molecular spin
You will not be able to hold lower frequencies
And will naturally experience positive outcomes

The ego restricts the flow of life force
And restrains the flow of intuition and love

We can heal ourselves through frequency and sound
When we physically and emotionally heal we can have more fun

When we clean out our closet
Put order in our lives
And place ourselves in our center place of integrity

We become blessed by the divine!