We are light projections that want to manifest in a reality
To be pleasured as part of an interplay

There are a mind boggling number of realities
As real as this one
But with different historical timelines

The Nexus Point is where these realities overlap

Humanity is being cultivated for much the same purpose
As we would grow mushrooms for mind expansion experiences

Where terror suffering and death
Is thrown in the same bag as bliss passion and beauty

Aliens will holographically put potential realities in front of you
Thats what aliens do

When you believe in a potentiality strong enough it becomes your reality

Our collective reality operates the same way
When enough people believe in something
It becomes part of the amalgamated reality

There are positive and negative holograms
Ones that are designed for our ascension
And ones that are meant to keep us suppressed

Our vibrational energy bleeds into other dimensions
Different entities want divergent and dissimilar types of energy

The malleable masses walk in lockstep
With whatever future is manufactured for them

In this way the elite are as duped as the rest of the gullible public
By believing the narrative they are told

They have become a blob of foolish malcontents
A gang of rapists thieves and murderers
Who have given up all sense of self
So that they can be endlessly violated by veritable demons

You are in charge of your illusion
The stories you believe that are real
Create your reality

Deny all narratives
And write down your own!