Other people should not decide what goes into your body
But that is the agenda of the reptilian elite
And all their Freemason minions in power positions

The ones wo have consented and taken their witches brew vaccine
Are now blue tooth compatible
And connected to The Cloud forever

What is going on inside them is now being read by a quantum computer far away

Each dimension has its own laws
And every species has their own subatomic units
These determine what is projected into the earth hologram

And a body will change based on its location

In the movie Avatar the human who was transferred into a body of the native race
Switched sides and opposed the invading human military

Mr Spock who was half Vulcan was able to exhibit human emotions

The human elite who have access to a huge continent not on any map
Have a plethora of reptilian genes and as a result have slightly cone shaped heads

Many opposed the ill treatment of humans

Conflict broke out but they were defeated

Washington state Governor Jay Inslee
Is hiring people for working in detainment camps for the unvaccinated
Starting salaries are near $50.000 a year

At the same time he is denying these FEMA holding camps even exist

But he did not want to go along with this project
He was forced to by the Freemason hierarchy
Who also had their misgivings but felt they had no choice
As they are subject to the ones at the very top
Who are reptilians in cloned human bodies

And they feel they have to prey upon humans for energy
Because they are not connected to the Source

They know they have to keep this simulation going
Because they are not going to make it out of this reality

So they depopulate humans mess with their genes and reintroduce them into a reset world
Erasing their past history and putting them into a delusional state
That they control

And the cycle gets repeated

But like with Pinocchio
A birth of a soul is possible
With a connection to The Source

Dark entities will perish and will be reabsorbed

A soul is but energy
And one that is aligned to the Laws of Creation
Will abide forever!