The United States has 131 deep underground active military bases called DUMBS
There are many more worldwide

The US bases are all connected
By magnetically elevated high speed railways
That float 3/4 of an inch off the rail

There is nothing like them on the surface

Each base costs an average of 18 billion dollars

Groom Lake also called Area 51 is the most well known
But also the most highly guarded

It employs over 18,000 workers
All who have sworn to an oath of secrecy
Most work at night on 12 hour shifts

Area 51 is a mega base with has 9 conjoining bases
And is like an underground city

The base at Dulce New Mexico has 7 levels
And goes approximately 2 miles deep

It is about 3 cubic miles wide
And is part of the laboratories at Los Alamos New Mexico

Hideous experiments are performed on humans and animals

These bases sidestep Congress and the US government
They operate on the belief that Americans are a bunch of morons
And that they do not need to know

The alien agenda is the driving force
And the alien presence is taken out of the public view

These bases are the platforms where alien takeover is being prepared

They are a whole other world beneath our feet!