Metals are put into food cosmetics lotion
And are rained upon us from above
To keep our life span short
And our minds weak

Metals are aging accelerators

The health care system
Pretends to care about us
But they just give more poisons as cures

Babies and children are injected with poisons
While parents are convinced it is for immunization

Sweets are supplied in abundance
So that teeth will decay
And metals be put in the mouth as a replacement

The promotion of sports and games
Are a distraction

We are intentionally being separated
By fake religions and fake epidemics
And by disparity in wealth

We kill each other in fake wars

We are imprisoned in a debt money control system

The media is there to control us and censor information

Both sides of government are controlled by the same reptilian elite

Robotoids routinely collapse
At press conferences
While acting as politicians

Secret societies are rewarded for their cooperation
But will be done away with in time

Mind altering technology is in use
And more is being deployed

Free energy is withheld
To keep us dependent on utility companies

Cemex is a child trafficking company
Bones and blood are in their cement

Rogue spirits need our blood to stay alive

Softball size satellites
Arranged in a diamond pattern
Are up and ready to go

5G has the same frequency as the oxygen molecule
And can be used to deplete oxygen

The Kerch Seaport in Ukraine
Which is vital for imports
Is being shut down by Russia

WW3 is being set up
Bringing in a plan of depopulation

The suffering of animals
Is met with indifference

The remains of dead mummies in Egypt
Have been converted into functioning human bodies
By face generating software and 3D printers
To be inhabited by reptilian entities
From which will come the Anti Christ

Hidden aerospace technology
Now has instantaneous hypersonic acceleration

The massive parades of military personnel in Russia and China
Were all clones

When we realize we are connected
We can overcome the deception

And secure passages for higher realms of enlightenment