In April of 1994
Three C-130 Hercules military aircraft
With large microwave dishes strapped to them
Flew over the country of Rwanda in southern Africa

The dishes were activated to produce microwave frequencies
Which augmented an already existing state of hostility
In the Hutu people toward the Tutsi tribe

Anger was previously seeded
And weapons were already provided to the Hutus

In a secret operation to eliminate political dissent
And to stem a massive population increase
Which threatened to overwhelm natural resources

An uncontrollable electronic rage
Of genocidal maniacs
Slaughtered the Tutsis

It was called Operation Crimson

5G is pulsing into us the same frequencies
Which are in these psychotronic weaponry

Psychotronic weaponry can implant thoughts
By matching the resonant frequency of the human mind

Pulsed submillimeter or millimeter microwave radiation
Can cause the synchronization of neurons
To the frequencies of the microwaves

5G which has nothing to do with convenience or internet speed
Is like having a vampire in your home

5G frequencies are magnified by LED lights
Which have nothing to do with saving energy

LED lights can get up to 48 milli gauss
And create an ambient electric field of over 1000 volts per meter

5G LED street lights shoot energy beams at all who pass by

Our brain states get altered
Our glands swell

Religion is promoted so that people will believe God is talking to them
It is actually a psychotronic weapon installing subliminal messages
This is called Voice of God weaponry

When you hear a buzzing of fluctuating frequencies in your ears
That is psychotronic weaponry

It can also produce and delete memories
And eavesdrop on ones internal monologue
This is called Remote Neural Monitoring

Sometime soon the 5G frequencies will be jacked up in everybodys household
Producing the gamma brain wave state
And people will have intense reactions
To subconscious implanted messages

What has already been delivered to our minds
Will be amplified

5G is a carrier wave

April is the Illuminati month of sacrifice
Is there another Operation Crimson planned!