Our DNA has been tampered with

Our original deoxyribonucleic acid patterns or DNA had 12 strands
Each strand represents a code program sequence
Corresponding to a dimensional frequency band

Through DNA activation one can shift timelines

But because of the insertion of foreign gene sequences
And the injection of engineered organisms or viruses
Plus the reverse pairings of the base pairs which comprise the genders

We have been devolved with only 2 remaining strands

Each DNA strand has a fire code
Of electromagnetic sound impulses
Arranged in patterned sequences

DNA base pairings assemble the proteins
To unscramble the fire letters

Proteins synthesize the double helix of the DNA

Transcripted RNA arranges the sequences of amino acids
Which make up estrogen receptors
That receive hormones secreted by tissues
Of various internal systems such as the ovaries and placenta

When estrogen levels are insufficient
DNA mutations manifest

Chemical fertilizers and carbon dioxide emissions
Inhibit the transfer of needed nitrogen
DNA is made up of nitrogen based nucleic acids

Fruit is a great source of sugars which contain nucleic acids

Aspartame degrades the function of the uracil and thymine in DNA

Unhealthy food and environmental hazards
Are purposely created to keep the public running at low levels

The crista in the inner mitochondrial membrane
Is the crystal gene which produces ATP
Which generates the light that embodies our spiritual consciousness

Our physical health directly affects our spiritual health

A plant based diet will provide the amino acids
Which contain nitrogen

Amino acids also build protein
That are the building blocks of DNA
Which determine who we are!