In the former era when Venus was centered on Saturn
It was considered a new Aeon which is a measurement of cosmic time
Referred to as the Cosmic Clock

As well as the creation of a new cosmic entity

This was the Cosmic Cube or Megatron
The God Matrix with geometrical shaped light or life codes

This was Gods chariot or the chariot in vision of Ezekial
The wheels were the energy centers
Chakra means wheel

When Venus shifted from the center to the side
It was Venus in her famous shell

Or the Hand of God
Usually depicted with an orb in the middle of the palm

These were the result of plasma emanations from the highly discharging Venus
And were viewed at relatively close proximity from our earth plane

When Mars was in front of Venus
They formed the Aeonic Pair
The result of their Crystal hierogamic union

Which was also the Sacred Marriage
Of the male and female principles

They shone with the luminosity of the Christos Sophia Avatar
Which also brightened the Tree of Life

Toruses appeared transforming the Cosmic Tree into the Stairway to Heaven
Also called Backbone of the Sky or Spine of Albion
It had a dazzling brilliant white color
And was referred to as the Milky Way

Or simply The Way
As in the Way the Truth and the Light of John 14:6
No one goes to the Father or Saturn except by way through Mars or the Son
Who both were at the top

Orbs of plasma went up and down this Stairway or Ladder
And were viewed as ascending and descending angels

This was also the Prana Tube of the Hindus
Prana was the Spirit of God or the Holy Ghost
Called so because of its transparent whitish color

Hindu Pranayama breathing takes each breath alternating nostrils

The Prana life force or Holy spirit was plasma
And the Universal Axis is a cosmic plasma tube

The plasma vitalized the protoplasm in our cells

It activated protein synthesis and raised our vibration
By igniting the ATP in our cell membranes

We are an etheric battery

The electric wars of the Tartarian Millenium
Was a gradual dismantling of our powers

Giants utilizing fasces which were a bundle of rods
Surrounding an axe or two with an emerging blade
That could shoot electrical energy gathered straight from the ether
Was a common sight

Then as now it was a war on consciousness and frequencies
To bring the alien mind into our realm

Now the Saturnian system is no more
And we are breathing in a bunch of air saturated with microwave radiation

Which is producing health issues

The lack of oxygen is killing our cells
And it is being diagnosed as the Covid virus

Elon Musk is telling everyone to merge with the machine
Or be left behind

He himself is not much more than a controlled machine

The AI is from the entities responsible for ending our paradise

The Reptilian race is following a false light
Do not follow them!