The Chalice was when in the previous era
The horizontal beam of the Holy Cross in front of Venus
Bended in the middle forming a V

Reddish plasma gave the appearance of wine in a cup
And the cup used in Communion is called the Chalice

Illuminati dances take the formations of these former planetary positions
They are called Sigils
A common dance Sigil is called Osirus Slain

Which is also Mars discharging plasma at the Holy Cross
Which is the basis for the Jesus story of dying on the cross

These Sigils are used to summon demons and is called Glamour Magic

An Egyptian version has Set killing his brother Osiris
And Isis or Venus mourning while trying to gather the dismembered parts of her beloved Osiris

This is why in Hollywood it is called a Movie Set
And where beings from the other side are obsessed with getting ahead or literally a head
So that they can shapeshift into their roles
And become a Star since they are literally from the stars

In Los Angeles or the City of Angels
They have fallen as dark angels into this reality

The Ouroboros or encircling serpent of myth
Is the enormous red dragon of Revelation !2:1

The crowns were toruses
The horns were electrical discharges
The heads were celestial orbs

The Red Dragon on the flag of China
Is the intertwining serpent of the Tree of Life or Universal Axis

The Archangel Gabriel blew his trumpet at Gods revelation
Gabriel means the Messenger and hero of God or Mercury
And God is Saturn

In the very near future a loud noise sounding like a trumpet will be sounded
Flying dragons with horrendous sounds
Will be the product of holographic technology

The appearance of flying spacecraft is also planned

Luke 21:26 says that people will faint from terror
Apprehensive of what is coming
For the powers of the heavens will be shaken

False signs and wonders will deceive the many
In the panic people will shout Is that Jesus?

Then shortly thereafter the 5th Wall will break
Demons who have sought to hide will no longer remain hidden

The public though is being trained to call it mental illness
But demons are the ones who provoke mental illness

Peoples hearts will fail them from fear when the dark entities are seen

Be ready for the hour is near!