The fake asteroid Apophis
Was supposed to make its closest approach on March 6

The Egyptian god Apep or Apophis
Is the enemy of the ancient Sun God
Who was Saturn

Apep was the helical coil that spun around the Central Universal Axis
Of which Saturn appeared to be at the top of
But was only embedded within it

It looked like a snake laying in wait
To attack the newborn child of Virgo

Virgo was Venus
The Mother Goddess

The son was Mars positioned in front of Venus
Which seemed to be born again
After its journey to and from the Earth plane

Mars brightened or came to life
Because of the radiance given it by Venus
Who was the effulgent Flower of Life

They were all located in close proximity in the North

On September 23 2017
It was said that Jupiter was birthed or became alive in the constellation Virgo
And that the asteroid Apophis was laying in wait to devour it

The asteroid then was said to make a sudden turn in 2020
To the constellation Hydra which means Water Serpent

But the Water Serpent in myth is an entirely different snake
It is the same as the Ouroboros
The serpent who encircled the watery abyss of Saturn

This was supposed to be the Crowning of the Serpent
A prophetic sign of the coming of the Antichrist
Who will be a reptilian or a serpent in human form

Be prepared for a huge holographic Jesus
To show up in the sky
With holographic UFOs

People will fall for it
Because they are oblivious to what is going on

Oblivious to the knowledge that exists
Beyond their level of perception!