The goals of the Deep State which is the alien modus operandi
Needs our belief to manifest their agenda

They have been predictive programming us in TV shows and movies for decades
Clandestinely pushing 11 3 as the date for a tsunami and big event
Manipulating our subconscious into acceptance
Making us project it into the quantum field

11 3 could also be 1 13

The hysterical chaotic energy of Black Friday
Connects to and supports the belief of an unlucky Friday the 13th
Numerous Friday the 13th movies want us to have the opinion that it is a day of evil

The vast multitude of cell phone towers have the power
To channel electric energy into LED street lamps and LED lights in homes

LED lights contain micro nano tech lens flare capacitors
That upon receiving 5G signaling will scatter into billions of photons

The 450 volt capacitors are a weapon delivery system
That will pulse EMF radiation into our homes

Get rid of your LED lights
Create a positive reality with positive thoughts

Humans vibrate a colored aura
That is why we are called hue mans

We also are supposed to be kind and good hearted
That is why we are called mankind

We project a powerful frequency into the quantum field structure
When we hold a positive imagination and put it into the field it becomes a reality

When we have a positive intent we put that momentum into the structure
We must feel the emotion from the heart to make it powerful

When your vibration is low from your negative ego
You are blinded

When you put on the full armor of God
Your high vibration will positively effect reality

We will experience what we vibrate!