Why the sudden Russia aggression
Deploying 85,000 troops to the Ukraine
Most of them comprising a terminator-like robot army

Why did the fake Biden clone
Declare an executive order of a national emergency

And the homie Kim Jong Un call Biden
Mentally unstable and a thug

You can see Putin is a reptilian
By looking at his eyes
Under his cloned human face

He said that 95 percent of the ruling class of the world
Is not human but cold blooded hybrids

And that the USA is incapable of stopping
The Russian Satan 2 missiles

The Ukraine also has cyber soldiers
Which are organic on the outside
But artificial robots on the inside
Simulating humans

China has cyborg soldiers too
A dog robot army

Israel also has a clone robot army
But they have insectoid locust like soldiers

These clones have been manufactured underground
In burrows called Gulags
At an astonishing rate

They are fully armored and very tough
They cannot be bargained with or reasoned with
They do not feel pity or remorse
They do not fear

Russia has rebuilt the Arch of Palmyra in Syria
Also known as the Gateway to the Temple of Baal
To prepare for the arrival of the Anti Christ

But first World War 3 will be started
For the harvesting of human consciousness

And upgraded robotoid bodies will be used by reptilians
Who by downloading their thoughts and memories
Into these computer bodies
Hope to live forever as a machine!