Doomsday clocks are the tall metallic cylindrical monoliths being placed all over
When their shadow hits exactly at 12:00 north
It is time for the Great Reset or Doomsday

They also release spirits who use people to exist in this world

7-11 and Circle K stores might be clues
Circle is a symbol of the 7 rings of Saturn and K=11

KGB which equals 11 7 2 might also be an indication
And Trump purposely said 7-11 instead of 911

North is where the army of God from the firmament
Battled the ruthless army of Apollyon who was released from the Deep

The firmament is the arch of heaven where the circumpolar stars are located
Some get sucked down the Axis Mundi and become suns and planets

Apollyon is Mars after it emerged from the dark celestial underworld

There were 7 higher heavens and 7 lower heavens
Formed by the 7 rings of Saturn

The monolith represents the Axis Mundi
The Mountain of God where the chief deity rests

The capstone of this celestial pyramid
Is also the square and compass of the Freemasons
And the tip of the spear

This is where the Great Architect or Saturn resided in the former era
It was the House of God or Metatron
The Zero Point God Matrix Field

When the light changed it looked like a silhouette of a being with raised arms
This cosmic apparition became The Antichrist or The Phoenix

Rain Man is an Illuminati tern for Reign Man or Antichrist

The arms were also the Gate of God
Made from the eternal loop of the Serpent or Ouroboros

The tassels in a Bible that dangle out represent a serpents tongue

Lower level celebrity Freemasons are shown with Disney Mickey Ears
Which is symbolic for the upraised arms

Mickey means wicked because m is an upside down w

Dark Phoenix is Venus or the woman from another realm who destroys with fire

This is why Illuminati sacrifices are in the middle of a circle of flames
Venus was the Holy Torch or Eternal Flame

Which Mars the Son of God was sacrificed upon!