Australia has admitted
There are HIV fragments in the vaccine
And has deleted one of their vaccine manufacturers

But that is all show

Later it will be said
The HIV inserts are beneficial

Meanwhile the US and UK
Are starting delivery operations
Coinciding with the fake eclipse

Puppet and actor General Perna
Notice the RNA in the name

Announced the military
Got the go ahead from the FDA
And will invade nursing homes
Forcing them to take the vaccines

Pfizer and Moderna vaccines
Again notice the RNA in Moderna
Mode RNA
Have been approved

But the truth is the vaccines
Have been stockpiled for many years

Perna used the word execute many times
And he used the word D-day a lot
As in doomsday

He also used the Masonic numbers
66 and 636 quite a bit

These are the same people
Who rain down toxic heavy metals on us
Who allow GMO foods
Who promote the massacre
And unhealthy consumption of animals

The reptilians are making their move

For the ultimate power grab!