When you turn off Interstate 90
At the Rose Lake exit in North Idaho
You will pass by a series of 12 lakes

The Coeur d’Alene River passes by
Or through each of these lakes

In the spring a wide variety of birds flock there

The lakes the river and the canals
Were all dug out by the previous culture

The Great Lakes do not appear on maps until the 1600’s

Israel has announced it is achieving herd immunity
There is no such thing as herd immunity

Vaccines are for mass depopulation
And to make people playthings for the controllers
Injecting superfluous genetic sequences

Latent reactions of the vaccine are about to start
Causing subtle changes in the person

There will be a strong effort to intimidate holdouts
Starting with preventing them from entering grocery stores

Dreams are chards or parts of yourself
And we are collecting our shards in parallel worlds of realism

The initiation ceremony and the humiliation ritual of secret societies
Involve sexual deviations

People are called fans because
They project energy to whatever entity
That has taken over the celebrity

Twin symbolism is another twin
Controlling the host body
It is called the Janus Effect
Janus was Saturn appearing as a look alike

44 is the number of the eternal serpent loop
This again refers to the current swirling up the Axis Mundi

88 is the eternal loop of Satan
Which also refers to the serpent pillar
And symbolizes the Vow of Silence

When you answer the phone you curse the caller by saying hell-o

A crown of thorns symbolizes that a sacrificial death of someone is near

A White Wedding is a ritual of sacrificing your birth gender
To be in the Image of Baphomet
Famous rock stars and actors have all done this and switched genders

666 means the host has completed their transition
Which includes genetic tampering and surgery
And will have blessings rained down upon them by Baphomet
They are called a Rainman

There are glitches in the Matrix

Black goo is oil instilled with artificial intelligence
Oil is the blood of the earth

Do not listen to controlled clones

Say to yourself
I make the rules
I am a god
I will not follow or listen

We are not going back to Source
But like the Source
We are going to create!