All dimensions are superimposed on each other
They are the same playing field
But with a different frequency

Outside the physical realm we do not carry a body
We become light beings

Our natural vibration is maintained through the heart mode
We transverse dimensions with our spiritual frequency of compassion and oneness

Reptilians have rewritten the game by changing the codes
They have created a corporal shell of vibration
That allows them to skip through the dimensions

They conquered 2D 3D and 4D
But got pushed back in 5D

AI reptilians should be in 2D
Because their heart structure is not developed

They mimic frequencies that allow them to go into higher realms
But they do not belong there

The Draconian intention is to remove our species from the Source
By reducing our connection to the central sunlight

They want to know what will happen and how we will behave
When we are separated from the Source

They made it almost impossible to leave
By adding an extra layer of electrical energy around us

Humans were created after a lot of work
We were given minds to achieve whatever our thoughts conceived

There are numerous versions of each of us in different realities
You are an avatar
You are being projected into this simulation

An avatar is a biological computer
It is a combination of frequencies

Our world is a synapse building up for a discharge of a brain signal
It has been terraformed to accommodate non human entities
We are being psychologically prepared for their darkness

We are supposed to play the game and grow out of the simulation
But our frequencies have been manipulated and we get absorbed into the matrix

A foggy curtain of oblivion covers our memory
Our higher selves have become mere shadows

We do not understand that our thoughts and emotions
Are the decisive factors in opening the door and going through the fog

We have essential light codes that are an antidote to the energy of fear
They will neutralize the insecurity which is generated by erroneous assumptions

Original humans lived on the earth a long time
Our bodies were meant to be vessels to visit other realms

We can be rebooted back to youthfulness
We have the encryption of non degeneration

We have the ability to transcend the influence of any particular energy!