Spell casting redirects energy
It blocks all that is natural and good and inverts it

The strong free flowing energy
That comes during Halloween
Is being polarized by the dark masters

The circumambulatory stars that revolve in a perfect east to west circle
Around the pole star that inhabits the celestial axis
Carries unity consciousness
And the divine blueprint of the laws of energy

The dark arts involve going into the astra plane
And understanding what is there

The 4th dimensional plane is controlled by non humans
Who use suffering to keep in control of our dimension

They have reconfigured our energy field
And disconnected our soul

We now believe only in material gain
And give lip service to the spiritual

As the Southern Cross sweeps over our flat earth
In a broad outer circle

Plasmatic photon light particles are sent forth
Affecting our group soul consciousness

Infiltrating our DNA and upgrading it
From carbon based molecules to crystalline silicon

But the alien counterforce has extremely high frequency
These beings understand the laws of energy

Structures are in place that suppress human potential
We are fed false information and kept oblivious to the energy field

They are sending us the 4 horses of the apocalypse
Which are the same as the 4 flying white horses of Helios

It is a celestial event from a former era that is embedded deep in our subconscious
And has been turned into religious prophesy

But the power of consciousness is the most powerful
We do not have to fear

Events will happen but you will know where you need to be
If you stay connected

When we understand the darkness and shine our light upon it
It will disappear!