We are interconnected beings
Intricably woven into the fabric of time and space

We can practically influence the world by our intention
Which is the frequency of our desire

Intention puts electromagnetic impulses out in the quantum field
Align your intentions with the greater rhythms of the universe

We are a part of Consciousness that transcends physical limits
We are light energy

When a group of people think in the same direction
Their thought waves superimpose upon one another

This creates a real information structure
In the invisible ocean of energy

Embrace the wonder and enchantment of living in a universe full of possibilities
Surrender to the dance of eternity in this mystery of existence

Navigate the flow of life with grace and resilience
And understand you have the power to modify your reality

You are continually receiving cosmic energy
That flows from the core Source

The brain is an electronic switching station
That controls your bodys functions through electrical impulses

You are a powerful computer that runs on electric currents
Operate with a deep appreciation of the marvels and blessings of life!