Do not think of God as someone or something above you
Think of God as inside you

Faith is the awareness of the invisible reality of what you have
It is the belief in the existence of what you desire

Faith is the conviction in your ability of manifestation
Of which love compassion and hope are essential components

What you express is a fruitful reproduction of your state of consciousness
Think and act like the person who has already achieved their goal and obtained their desire

Imagine how you would feel
Have a mental perception of how you would act and what you would do
And the shift will occur naturally

Your state of being determines which version of you exists in the present moment
And it dictates what timeline you are on

Learn to detect the nuances in your vibration
Your vibratory state is the key to manifestation
Your internal being creates your external reality

If you believe your desires are out of reach
You lower your vibration and your wishes remain unattainable

Do not focus on your lack or unfulfilled desires
You bring your dreams into fruition by visualizing and feeling as if you already had them
Repeat affirmations as if they were already true

If we send out signals of fear and anxiety
Then we attract the very things we worry about
And it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy

We are like a radio station broadcasting signals out into the world
If we tune into the wrong frequency we get static

Instead of being entangled in a drama
Become an anchor of stability
And create a harmonious environment

We transmit our signal into our daily experiences
And attract back whatever matches that frequency

Unconscious behaviors are the result of unresolved issues and unhealed wounds
Exit karma and enter dharma
Dharma is your enlightened life path

Think from a state of abundance
Trust the universe that everything which happens is for your benefit

Do not resist unwanted emotions
Transform them by embracing the present moment

Live life to its fullest!