Insectoid and reptilian entities seek to impede original soul humans from exiting the matrix
Without human psionic energy the matrix will implode

They have hidden themselves inside human bodies
And have produced countless robotic souls
Who are not aware of it

Hybrids clones mimics and other replicants
Are passed off as being human

Humans have been hybridized with negative beings to make useful pawns
Externally one cannot tell that they are artificial

The collective hive mind is their tool
To sandbox real soul humans into their constructs

Real soul humans can manifest powers that lay latent inside their DNA
Many are trapped into leading mechanical lives
And into believing all sorts of non sensical ideas

We have been lied to on a massive scale
So that we enter their realm of imagination

Our entire energy field has been reconfigured
Our chakras were hijacked to produce to produce the etheric food source called loosh
Which is gathered at earth nodes and sent to the phantom matrix

Our senses were greatly reduced and severe trauma programmed into us
We have a trojan implant called the ego that passes off as who we are
And is being used to connect us to the hive mind for robotization

WW3 has been all prepared in advance
Along with a colossal loss of life
In order to prevent portal crossing out of the matrix

The elite are downloading themselves into android bodies run by AI
The transition to cyborg existence is because the time of karmic retribution is on the horizon
And it is a survival alternative in their deck of cards

Clones and mimics do not respond to real love
Or real truth or real beauty or real art

True love connects you to the multiverse
Via infinite scalar waves

Without love
Breath is just a ticking clock!