Stargates are high frequency energies
Of electromagnetic wave spectrums

The crystal key of a stargate
Is the center point that holds the codes and fire letters for that dimensional spectrum
And activates the electromagnetic spin that forms a counter rotating field
Which opens the passageway

The sun is a portal and manifests as a white hole
It is small very close and not hot

The suns drift current becomes energized and gains speed
As it interacts with the molecules of the earths atmosphere
Thereby creating heat

At the end of world ages the sun becomes a black hole
And can be assessed through the world pillar
Sliders are humans who slide through the dark sun and enter other realms

Solar plasma intelligence is directed to stargates
And transmits an energetic spectrum of frequencies
Reaching fields of matter that are circulated throughout the network

The dimensional doorways create spiral frequencies
That circulate the God Source energy into reciprocal exchanges
Which lead to multiple manifested realms

Each realm is intended to be a playground for the soul
Negative beliefs will alter the structure
Individual realities are built upon the collective mindset

Evil is the manifestation of destructive choices induced upon us
Because of entropy degradation and aging

We develop anxiety and swim in fear
Until a new age of regeneration occurs
Where we start over and evil is quelled

But then gradually again
We allow the mirrors of our past
To dictate our future!