Clothe yourself mentally in all that you would like to be
Imagine others seeing you as you would like them to

Accept only those thoughts that promote your ideal
Direct your mind or doubt based subconscious programming will direct you

Doubt carries unnecessary resistance and convoluted thinking
Enjoy the present moment and be in the now

The act of inner body awareness will develop into a completely new way of living
A permanent connectedness with your state of being
And will add a depth to your life that you have never known before

When you have assumed your desired state and inner convictions
You insert their impregnation and fulfillment

They will ripen and flower
In their appointed hour
And you operate from a place of power

Happiness comes from within
You will not manifest needy behavior or scarcity based thinking

You will be in a flow state detached from the outcome
But confident of how it will turn out

If you are not present with the awareness of your thoughts and emotions
Then you will be living in the past
Perpetuating the same cycle over and over

When your THC receptor cells receive THC
Which is the most prevalent compound in marijuana

It will help you feel your vision into reality
It will enable you to let go of shame
And be who you are

When you carry yourself with faith and conviction
You put out that energy
And it will play out in the theatre of your life

You get an ecstatic sensation from the wonder of it all
Events will happen that bear witness to your inner condition

Cultivating virtues does not mean curbing your passions
Embrace a full measure of love and friendships

Consent to the mystic transcendence of joyful excitement and overwhelming happiness
Accept that you have them already
And go about your life!