The time of the rapture will have horns and trumpets
And a very good looking Messiah will show up in the sky

People will believe he is real
Because of their psychological turmoil they will be more than ready to accept him

But it will be the result of technology
Brought to them by the same ones
Who made them think they are walking upside down or sideways on a globe

It will be a psyop mind control deception
That is playing out the scriptures
Which are a script

A script is a written play or show transmitted and broadcast on a screen by a projector
Ionized particles will act as a holography plate or plasma screen

Each subwavelength unit will be controlled by the orientation of metallic nanorods
Which shape wavefronts of light

There will be a monolayer of photonic artificial atoms
That will project the image to an unprecedented level
All controlled by AI

Before this happens cell phone towers will send out a signal
Causing computers and cell phones to erase themselves
All new cars with antennas will automatically shut down

When the internet comes back on line
Only fake politically correct information will be allowed

This will usher in a false world controlled by AI technology
An electronic matrix where your pattern of electromagnetic signals or bio code
Is transmitted into a supercomputer

The goal is to genetically modify you with synthetic genes
So that you will not be human anymore

To make you into a walking computer
That can be upgraded with programs in accordance with your processed data

Money will be digitalized
If there is any left over at the end of the month it will be deleted
So that no one can accumulate wealth

The future is under our control
Allow your vision to unfold

We have absolute power
And it exists in you now
Your intuition is above any doubt

Say to yourself that you are living your ideal life
Which is manifested now

Cherish your visions
Cherish your ideals
Cherish beauty and loveliness

For out of them we are bearers of boundless and unlimited potential
That echo the Infinite
And are waiting to be unleashed!