Deceptive facades and mind control programs
Are happening right in front of us

Our energy is being stolen with vampiric cords

The ones at the top are being used as pawns
In a game of mass media mind control

Our thoughts are being manipulated
For a loosh feeding frenzy

People can only go down the rabbit hole
As far as they are willing to look

And so we lie to ourselves

When we remain in fear and ignorance
We are much easier to control

People are stressed as it is
And cannot handle the truth

When they look up into the skies
They cannot see the chemtrails
Which have been sprayed upon us for over 20 years

Tavistock was set up to experiment
On the breaking point of humans

The soul separates itself from trauma
It alters perception to protect itself
And develops dissociative personalities

When we choose where to place our life force
We need to place it eternally with spiritual truth

We cannot continually go against the Laws of Nature
Without a correction or annihilation in the timeline

Know thyself
Know your morals and beliefs
So that you realize when your thoughts are not your own

Develop your true spiritually mature authentic self
And actualize that self in this world!