Churches are now giving out the vaccine
Saying it is a gift from God

But the vaccine will affect every cell in the body
Including the neurons in the brain

And cause a sepsis or whole body infection
Within two or three months

It contains Simian DNA inserts
Which will give humans
Monkey or ape like features

No longer will human awareness
Co create reality

Lies have been projected into the human mind
So that a new reality
Can be instilled into human consciousness

One which the mind believes to be true

In the original Star Trek episode
TOS Mirri

The USS Enterprise
Responds to an Old Earth distress signal

The landing party beams down to a planet
Identical to Earth

The adults have been wiped out by a virus
And cities have been turned into ghost towns

But there are some children and young adults left

This is an experimental vaccine
And it is not sure
How exactly it will play out

But older people
With weakened immune systems
Will be the first to go!