Each one of us is here to provide
A specific niche and unique frequency
To collaborate with the whole of creation

And every one of us has the responsibility to decide
Their own personal pathway of resonance

Choose your resonance
Knowing your personal vibration
Is your sovereign power and right
To express your full creative nature

You have to self source your own God Power

We influence our future reality
Into a series of probabilities
Based upon the energetic resonance
And vibrational choices that we make

As we develop our connection
To the truth vibration
Our inner integrity and connection to external values are tested

Using our resonance with our inner sanctum
We can verify our choices

We have been purposely divided
Into an ego trip of judgement
Draining us of personal power

This parasitic network is designed
To block a range of authentic heart based emotions

When our pituitary gland which operates as a light
And our solar plexus which ignites our true nature are activated
It has a ripple effect and awakens others

When we quit being energetically vampiric
When we cease being obsessive and compulsive
When we let go of the bevy of highly destructive mental belief systems
When we stop our non stop base instinctual desires

Which result in the lowest forms of human expression

And remember the unification principle
We can then access higher fields of influence

And manifest a unity source code
Which will then connect us to our divinity within!