When you realize this is just a drama to be played out
Then you will shift into your greatest power

And internal resolution of your own sovereignty
Will set you free

We are an expression of the infinite
The universal consciousness made manifest

Soul energy sets in motion
Coding of higher frequency information
From our divine blueprint

Our neurological system then gets uploaded
To carry high amounts of electrical light code impulses

Giving us a new energy frequency spectrum
With new timeline attributes

Like tuning into a new radio station
We dial into higher multidimensional realities

The oscillating layered energy of the human aura
Merges with new energy patterns
As we follow the path of authenticity and integrity

In rhythm with the light of our highest spiritual purpose
And being true to our essential nature

Instant manifestation will govern 5D creational physics
As we rid ourselves of limiting thought patterns
And audio inserts of self doubt dialogues

When we refocus our energetic dial
We open up an endless supply
Of magical light energy!