The Tree of Life or Universal Axis
Is the basis for all energy to matter manifestation

Our original base 12 DNA is a reflection of the 12 electrical charges
Referred to in myth and religion as 12 angels or 12 deities
And are specific colored orbs in the Tree of Life or Spine of Albion

The history of humanity is recorded in our DNA
Even events from other dimensions of time

Now the Tree of Life is dark
And generates reversal plasma fields
Overriding the organic architecture
And creating false timelines and false identities to prevent ascension

The depravity has evolved into underground labs
Where humans work with non humans
Transferring consciousness into clones and artificial bodies

There is a thriving sex industry with human trafficking
And genetic engineering programs
With humans and animals in cages

Their symbol is the goat faced Baphomet
The word goat has been turned into an acronym
God Of All Things
And is portrayed as a horned devil

The depiction of Raphael as a goat man with wings
With an emblazoned pentagram and crescents on each side
Is a throwback to the previous age
When planets congregated and formed unique plasma configurations

When the Tree of Life is restored
So will our base 12 DNA
And the core manifestation of base 12 math

The negative ego that plays out victim and victimizer roles
And produces consciousness slaves
Will be eliminated!