Where we place our attention
Directs our energy

Where we place our intention
Transforms that energy

To increase frequency and quality of consciousness energy
Remove the ego personality
And align to the Cosmic Sovereign Law

We are one consciousness
Experiencing itself subjectively

Death is just a transition
Life is a dream state
And we are the imagination of ourselves

Matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration

The human body is a huge antennae
Capable of biological ionization

Our cells are like miniature batteries
We conduct electricity and generate plasma
That builds our plasmatic spiritual body or aura

We produce a resonant magnetic field
That extracts electrons from the atmosphere

Our nervous system uses electrical energy impulses to transmit messages
It is a frequency conduit that allows intelligent energy
To be absorbed by our body

Electromagnetic signals then are transcribed onto our DNA

All living organisms also interconnect and interact with the earths EM waves

All life emits oscillation EM waves sourced from their DNA signals
We seek balance and harmony in our metabolic rhythms
When we feel out of resonance with others there is conflict

The human body is a crystal oscillator and frequency resonator
That tunes into different states of frequency

Ionic compounds exist as crystals
They are mineral salts in energy form
And are broken down into electrolytes

Electrolytes are ions in a liquid state
And they conduct electricity

Water molecules have a slight positive charge on one side
And a slight negative charge on the other
Which results in a net dipole

The body is 55 percent water
But can be up to 78 percent water
The brain is 80 percent water

Water has memory due to its soluble ability
EM currents in water act as a condensing agent for electrolytes for memory

Data in DNA strands is picked up by EM currents in water
Forming oscillating DNA signals

DNA sequences are the captured encryptic patterns
That assemble into larger ones
Unlocking dormant DNA

The body needs pure water and biochemical mineralized salts to function properly

We also need to shift our focus to the heart
Only then will we open up ionic channels and accrete plasma
And ascend in frequency!