As you embrace beauty and purity
Clarity and equilibrium will find a permanent abode in your resonance
And imperfections will become vehicles for growth

Shades of pink will infuse each moment with luster
And your rose tinted glasses will see the hidden pain in the hearts of others
Prompting you not to internalize the outflowing reflection of their inner wounds

You will react with a profound sense of compassion
And forgiveness will flow effortlessly

As you project your own innate magnetism
You will become an irresistible beacon to those in your vicinity

They will instinctively gravitate toward your nurturing presence
And you will have meaningful interactions with both people and animals

Opportunities to touch lives and facilitate a positive change will emerge
You will become a catalyst for transformation
And a conduit for profound messages

When Jesus said Forgive them for they know not what they do
It means that they are not aware that they are just running a program in their subconscious
That needs to be played out

Some of these programs run deep
It takes time for neuroplasticity to rewire the brain
To block off one neural passageway and create another
To open up synapses and allow the message carrying neurons to freely flow in a newly desired pathway

As lifes tapestry unfolds before you
Embrace it with gratitude

Put forth new blossom of colorful hues
And weave them into a tapestry of wonder

Illuminate the world with brilliance
Surround yourself with energies that amplify your wholeness

Let your feet tread upon the lush carpet of tall green grass
As you listen to the birds serenading the skies with their enchanting melodies

Gaze upon the sun sparkling with the clarity of crystals
And as it dances upon the tranquil waters of lakes and streams
You will cultivate a profound sense of peace

Find richness in the solitude of the present
Devote your energy to that which nurtures your inner sanctuary
And that which quiets the turbulence of a chaotic inner dialogue

The celestial canopy is radiating above with a newfound luminosity
And the exquisite orchestration of the cosmos is shining with an embroidery of intertwining threads

That weave the unfolding of your ever increasing frequencies
Into a narration of divine alignment!